Personal Data Policies

CENTURY 21 of the Caribbean websites collects personal data on two levels – private and public.


:: How is this data collected ?

Private data is collected whenever a client decides to enter and submit information thru one of our website forms. Such examples would be requesting additional property information from the listing agent, automatically being notified of any property changes, sending a copy of a listing to themselves or a friend or adding themselves to a mailing list.

:: How do we use this information ?

In such cases where clients are wishing to be contacted by an agent, sending a copy of a listing to a friend or requesting more information from an office, the information is deemed confidential between both parties with the sole purpose of fulfilling the client’s request.

Otherwise, in all other cases, information is aggregated to provide additional insights to help determine how our website is being used and how we may be able to improve our client’s experience.

:: What are the rights of our client’s data ?

The client’s data can be kept for up to a period of 7 years from the day the information was originally sent by the client. After such time, the information is deemed out-of-date and deleted from our system. In some instances, the client’s data may removed at an earlier date if the original recipient of the information deems it out-of-date.


Our websites collects personal “public” data from two sources via internet providers and cookie data.

1. via “Internet Providers”

:: How is this data collected ?

The data being collected is technical information that being relayed by the client’s internet provider whenever they connect to one of our websites. This information includes the client’s IP address and details as to the application being used to access our websites. In most cases, the type of application being used is referred to as a “browser”.

:: How do we use this information ?

In all cases, this information is used to protect our servers and websites from malicious and potentially harmful activity.

In some instances, we will sometimes also use our client’s geographical location, device type and/or browser application version to customize our website to improve a user’s experience.

:: What are the rights of our client’s data ?

The information is public to everyone and can be seen by simply searching for “What HTTP Headers?”. Search results will provide a myriad of website that will automatically display the information being discussed here.

2. via “Cookie Data”

:: How is this data collected ?

As our clients interact with our websites, bits of information may be saved on the user’s device via their “browser” in a small files refered to as “Cookies”. The type of data being collected are such things like property search preferences, previously viewed properties or whether the user is a first time visitor or not.

:: How do we use this information ?

The information is being used to help improve the client’s experience while interacting with our websites. For example, if we identify a first time user, we may provide information to help them navigate thru our websites and provide helpful suggestions for a better experience. Another example is saving specific properties that a user selects as a favorites and then allowing then to view all the properties at once.

:: What are the rights of our client’s data ?

All browser’s allow the control of cookie data by the user and they can either accept or deny the use of cookies on all websites or just selected ones. How to do this is described in the browser’s help menu but exact location differs on the type of browser being used. You can find additional information on this by searching the web for “How to disable or enable my cookies?”.

3rd Party Cookie Data

Like most other websites, our websites incorporate and/or use 3rd party software with the end result of helping provide an enhanced experience for all our users. It should be made clear that each 3rd party software that may be used has their own personal data management policy.

3rd party software that either all our some of our website use using are;

– Google Tag Manager: Helps manage all 3rd party software in one place location. – Google Analytics: Provides insifghtful information on website traffic and users. – YouTube Videos: Allows youtube videos to be played in our website. – Facebook Share: Allows uses to like or share properties with friends. – Facebook Pixel: Collects information to display custom ads only when you are in Facebook, not in our websites.

Advertising Data

Besides Facebook Pixel collecting information for advertising in Facebook itself, CENTURY 21 of the Caribbean does not currently participate in any advertising revenue programs.

For more information on the management of personal data on CENTURY 21 of the Caribbean websites, you can email us at